Avalara didn’t care for my quotes – A letter from their lawyer/lobbyist

I’m surprised that the Emainstreet.org blog received a letter from a lawyer representing Avalara regarding this article (original still on my site).  How there could be any issue with a series of perfectly footnoted quotes from their own publicly available documents was amusing to me.  Heaven forbid I gave the (correct) impression that Avalara wants the MFA to pass.

It’s obvious Avalara supports the MFA and will rake in the money if it passes.  Whether it’s being a basis for the “free” states limited offering or by supplying fee-based services direct to retailers, it’s a huge bonanza for the company.  Avalara is currently only 1 of 6 “certified service providers” in the country at the time of this writing.

Fortune magazine writes about the windfall in “The biggest winners of an Internet sales tax”

The founder wrote this ridiculous puff piece advertorial about how software takes care of everything and makes everything A-OK with the MFA.

Avalara has actively contributed to and lobbied regarding this bill (publicly available records) available on the U.S. Senate website for lobbying reports.  Here’s one for $20,000.   And another this year for $40,000.   So far this year, they’ve spend $50,000 lobbying for this bill.

But here’s the best part!  The lawyer who contacted Emainstreet is also a lobbyist for Avalara in the above reports.

Since Avalara is such a cheerleader for Marketplace Fairness Act, I will of course continue to fact check their speaking out of both sides of their mouth.   Is it easy and not a burden on retailers? (when talking to Congress or cheerleading for passage?)  Or hard, like it actually is, when communicating with prospective customers in white papers, webinars and other communications?  Only one is true.  Pick one.


  1. […] UPDATE: Avalara’s lawyer (who is happens to be their lobbyists) sent us a letter stating that we were misrepresenting their position on MFA. You can read an update about Avalara’s tactics here. […]

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