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Rory Rawlings is the Founder and Chief Tax Automation Officer of Avalara.  He’s been given a platform on Huffington Post to write advertorials for his company.

His two articles boil down to this:

June 5th: Collecting Sales tax is hard.  Get ready now!


June 26th: Everything will be OK, software will make everything all right.

And how is it that Mr. Rawlings has published 2 articles here. This one says how easy it will be. The June 5th article’s last section hints at the exact opposite to drum up business:

“The Marketplace Fairness Act could dramatically change sales tax compliance requirements for small businesses that are not preparing today. Whether selling bikinis to starlets or skateboards to CEOs, the smart money is on businesses that prepare now, not later.”

If it’s so simple, why do I do I need to scramble now to get ready? Earlier in the same June 5th article, you mention it would take a minimum of 6 months warning from the states to even try and collect the taxes.
“Even if this bill becomes law tomorrow, some states will have to implement significant tax code simplifications in order to enforce it. Even then, states would not be allowed to implement the law earlier than 180 days following enactment.”

So is it easy? Or a complete bear, that you need to get started on now? My money (and venture money) is on bear.


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