Award-Winning Astroturf Part 2 – DDC Advocacy (Stand with Main St.)

So sorry I missed a prestigious award for DDC Advocacy this February 2014.  DDC Advocacy (Stand with Main Street/Alliance for Main Street Fairness won an award as well this year!  The join their partner in astroturf Finn Partners.

DDC Advocacy Wins Prestigious Reed Award – Best Public Affairs Campaign of 2013

From their Press Release

“DDC Advocacy (DDCA), a leading full-service international public affairs firm, was awarded the Reed Award for “Best Overall Public Affairs Campaign of 2013″ by Campaigns & Elections. The award recognizes their work to condition the federal and state legislative environment for sales tax parity state-by-state.”


“DDC Advocacy launched a public affairs campaign to shed light on online-only retailers who have exploited a sales tax loophole that pre-dates the Internet and provides them with an unfair advantage over brick-and-mortar stores.”

Yes, out of the goodness of their heart DDC Advocacy launched a public affairs campaign against that “sales tax loophole” AKA many decades of settled law and Supreme Court decisions.  Oh wait, they were paid?  By big box retailers?  That makes more sense.

Just so we’re clear who the folks with the charming campaign are:

DDC Advocacy (DDCA), the leader in issue advocacy since 1996, is a full-service public affairs advocacy firm executing custom-designed engagement programs and campaigns for government, non-profit, association and corporate clients. We leverage our company’s extensive capabilities, leading technology tools and strategic expertise to achieve winning results for clients, impact policy and shape public debate. Among our comprehensive suite of services and products, DDCA offers advocacy strategy, global and local in-district campaigns, digital engagement targeting, outreach tools, grassroots technology, PAC compliance, public relations, social media, and government services.”

Grassroots technology?  Sounds like Astroturf to me!

I certainly hadn’t heard of Campaigns & Elections before.  Here’s their blurb about themselves:

Campaigns & Elections is the preeminent “how-to” journal of politics, focused on the tools, tactics and techniques of the political consulting profession.”

Again, as grass roots as it gets!



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