Coordinated Pro-MFA Blocking – Our Twitter Acct Blocked from Following Pro-MFA Sites

Well, I guess the Pro-MFA forces got together in a dark room, perhaps near Bentonville Arkansas with all the money and time Wal-mart has pumped into foisting the Marketplace Fairness Act on consumers and smaller remote and catalog retailers.

I picture Fedtax/Taxcloud, Finn Partners, DDG Advocacy, Wal-Mart Womack and others sitting around smoking cigars, sipping cognac and twirling their old-timey mustaches.   Besides these lobbyists, PR firms and general purveyors of misinformation about the Marketplace Fairness Act are the pro-MFA shills.  I’m sure Sten is there, coordinating with them what he needs to copy and paste next, or what new commenting account he should start up.

OK, time to stop daydreaming, back to earth.  Pretty pathetic that all of these pro-MFA forces clearly acting in concert blocked our twitter account from following their accounts.  It’s not like we can’t still reply to their never-ending stream of BS about the Marketplace Fairness Act in their twitter accounts.  Those PR firms must be pumping those interns full of coffee to keep it up.

P.S. For those slow on the uptake or humorless on the subject (DC) – The above scene was obviously a joke.

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