Fact Check of Marketplace Fairness Coalition’s 99% Claim

We’re still not sure where the Marketplace Fairness Coalition is getting the details for their claim that 99% of all online sellers will be exempt from the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA).  If MFA only affects 1% of online retailers, how would this help with their perceived “fairness” issue?  If 99% of e-commerce sellers still won’t be collecting sales tax outside of their home state, how does this “level the playing field” for brick and mortars?

And of the remaining 1% of online sellers, many of the top sellers are established brands that already have a physical presence in many or all states.  So no additional sales tax would be raised from a large chunk of online retail.

So what is the point of this law?  Ah… to crush numerous smaller competitors!  Or for the tax service companies, push for that huge payday!

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