Fake Polls vs. Real Polls

When is a poll not a poll?  OK, not a legitimate poll….

  • When the poll questions aren’t even shared
  • When the poll methods and methodology aren’t shared

How do we have any idea about 70% percent “support” for something when we literally don’t even know what the question is?   We don’t.  Then it’s not a legitimate poll, just a dishonest attempt to create a press release with a few meaningless figures.

21st Century Retail AKA Efairness.org AKA ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) is who is squarely in the dishonest polling category.  Not just are the questions not covered, the numbers found in previous years seem to shift.

A legitimate poll?  Or at least a poll that discusses its details:

Ohio Voters Tell Congress: NO to New Internet Sales Tax Laws!  July 2014 Poll

The poll by R Street and National Taxpayers Union shows strong opposition to a new sales tax collection mandate 65% to 26%, among other things.

Now you can certainly quibble about any polls questions, methodologies and approach – but only if you actually HAVE this information.  With the Pro-MFA 21st Century Retail’s “polls”, there’s no chance to actually address flaws in the polls.  And that’s just the way they want it.

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