Fed-Tax & Others “The world is not flat” – Self-serving propaganda for the MFA: UPDATE

UPDATE:  I should have known.  According to the Metadata for the powerpoint presentation version, the author is dcampbell at fedtax.net.  No wonder he threw out the “even free” pitch repeatedly throughout the presentation.  And no wonder he had the gall to create this presentation.

Yes, we’re flat-Earthers now for pointing out very specifically and factually how the Marketplace Fairness Act will harm our businesses.

Fed-tax the world  is not flat presentation(PDF)

A self-serving, preaching to the choir presentation to the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board.   Reinforcing how easy everything will be with their assistance.  And this fine PR puff piece is to be trotted out to “educate” the media, representatives, lobbyists…

“This presentation was developed by the Certified Service Provider community for use by the SSUTA Governing Board in educating legislators, lobbyists, analysts, and the media about simplifications made possible by the SSUTA, in conjunction with the technology implementations of the various Certified Service Providers.”

“People also used to say that the world was flat – but that did not make it true.”

A Powerpoint presentation from the 6 firms who will reap a huge financial windfall if the MFA passes doesn’t make it true either.  In fact, it’s not true.

It trots out the usual myths of it’s free/cheap, it’s easy, no audit risk, virtually all systems supported… I’ve covered those myths enough I’m not going to again in this post.



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