Follow the Money – Alliance for Mainstreet Fairness AKA Stand with Main St.

The Alliance for Mainstreet Fairness ( is yet another big-box funded lobbying front for passing the Marketplace Fairness Act.  Reportedly, just yet another front for Wal-Mart and other big box retailers.

“The Alliance for Main Street Fairness, which was so successful in bringing about the victory in Illinois against Amazon, was founded by Wal-Mart and other big-box retailers. Soak that in for a moment. Wal-Mart backing something with the words “mainstreet fairness.” That should either make you laugh or sick to your stomach.”

“The Alliance for Main Street Fairness (AMSF), another creation of big box retailers like Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Target.”

“Nelson’s group created a South Carolina chapter of the Alliance, and placed up front a phalanx of small Mom and Pop Main Street merchants. But some South Carolina lawmakers were not fooled. “We knew that the money behind the lobbying effort was from the big-box retailers,” one House member said. “Calling it Main Street was a little disingenuous. Call it Wal-Mart if it’s Wal-Mart. Call it Target if it’s Target. But don’t call it Main Street. I know what Main Street is. My office is on Main Street..”

Wal-Mart has embraced the trickster once again — paying Nelson to masquerade as the protector of Main Street Mom & Pop merchants. It’s bad political theater — but the retailer and the Republican have been putting on this show for years. As Groucho Marx would have said: they make a lovely couple.”

“The big-box stores are backing a coalition called the Alliance for Main Street Fairness, which is leading efforts to change sales-tax laws in more than a dozen states including Texas and California.”

“Yet the Virginia-based group isn’t just working for the little guys. Many of America’s largest store chains—including Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy Co., Home Depot Inc.  and Sears—are involved in the campaign, lobbying legislators and increasingly taking public swipes at Amazon”

“The Alliance for Main Street Fairness was formed last spring. Danny Diaz, a member of Washington political-consulting firm FP1 Strategies, who acts as the Alliance’s spokesman, declined to disclose whether the majority of its funding came from large retailers.

“It’s fair to say that both large and small businesses are active” in the campaign, he said.”

Their publicly listed address in Arlington, Virginia (how convenient to be in the Washington D.C. area!) is a UPS store.  A commercial mail drop.  I can’t seem to find any registration of any fictitious name statement for them, a requirement for a business in Arlington county.

Astroturf written all over them.  There’s an excellent blog here detailing all the Wal-mart history, flogs (fake blogs created by PR companies) and even a mention of our buddies at Fedtax and Taxcloud.  Very worth reading:

“The people directly behind this “Stand Behind Main Street” campaign are professional lobbyists, propagandists, and political operatives who create front groups and astroturf campaigns. To generate support for legislation desired by Wal-Mart and other big business interests, these groups pretend to be something they aren’t. “Stand With Main Street”? More like “Stand With Wal-Mart.”


the exact address including the private mailbox number was found in a PDF that it belongs to the David All Group.

David All Group (DAG) is an online communications and branding firm with offices in WashingtonSan FranciscoChicago and Columbus. David All founded the firm in 2007. DAG offers marketing, online development services and campaign management to various corporate clients, issue-advocacy campaigns and professional trade associations.  Now their website is down.  Out of business.

This site called him a possible Karl Rove 2.0 for his astroturfing work in 2009.


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