Heaven Forbid Proponents Actually Try and Fix MFA

Rather than trying to address the real flaws thoughtfully addressed by the House Judiciary, the Senate is trying to hijack popular legislation by tacking the MFA to it.  Either you pass the anti-Internet tax bill while simultaneously raising everyone’s taxes on many remote purchases, or the current moratorium expires.  A really awful tactic and unfortunately not in any way surprising given the large number of dollars Wal-mart and other big box retailers are pouring into this fight.

Our post on these statements from September 2013:

House Judiciary Committee Releases Principles on Internet Sales Tax

Some of the proponents quotes:

From the Marketplace Fairness Coalition: “It’s clear that Chairman Goodlatte is committed, as are many in Congress, to finally addressing this critical issue and leveling the playing field for all American businesses. The release of these principles will be a great first step in the House of Representatives towards closing the online loophole and restoring basic free market competition.”

National Retail Federation: ““These principles will serve as a legislative roadmap for advancing sales tax fairness legislation in the House of Representatives, and demonstrate that Congress is listening to the pleas of local, community retailers and merchants, who continue to face an unfair competitive disadvantage with their online competitors,” commented senior v-p of government relations David French. He also said that the group looked forward to providing critical feedback to the Committee and to participate in legislative hearings as the debate on Internet tax bills move forward.”

Clearly, the principles were a massive setback for the pro-MFA forces.  So have they reworked the bill, or made attempts to modify the SSUTA, or in ANY way change their approach?  Of course not.

There are clearly fundamental problems and unfairness in the Marketplace Fairness Act.  Instead of fixing the problems, they’re just trying to ram it through by attaching it other legislation.  Or piggyback it onto something called MITFA instead.  It’s the exact same bill with no modifications to address the issues.


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