Hypocritical Marketplace Fairness Act proponent examples are rampant!

Do the PR companies running the astroturf campaigns for the Marketplace Fairness Act have cognitive dissonance?  Or are they completely clueless?

I can’t tell you how many of these 21st Century Retail or Stand with Main Street posts, testimonials and down-home but slick-looking videos feature “Main Street” retailers who also sell online!  I’d even say a majority of the examples they list have online storefronts.

So is it unfair and they can’t compete?

Or they can’t compete and want the government to step in and impose massive compliance costs, audit risks and overreach their state boundaries to harm tens of thousands of their larger competitors?  They’re obviously under the small business exemption level or they wouldn’t be rooting for this legislation to pass at all.

A few of the latest examples, shared on their website and tweets

21st Century Retail – Brian Daniel B&C Sports in Virginia.  Sells online on their website AND on Ebay.


21st Century Retail – Michelle Sahr – My little red wagon,  Hudson Ohio.  Sells on their website.


Stand with Main Street – AKA Wal-mart and DDG Advocacy.  Many of the speakers also sell online.  I did like her quote: “E-commerce brings a lot of opportunity to brick and mortar stores” – So why cripple them as they grow?  (Side note, seeing Wal-mart Womack behind the speaker really gets on my nerves, he’s the rep for Wal-Mart’s district and an author of the bill.  A sock puppet of Wal-mart)

Brumby Chair Co. – Yup.  Ships anywhere.

Scripture Stall – Yup


There are just a few of the examples, most of the videos I have seen do feature retailers who sell online but apparently aren’t for fairness and want the government to help.






  1. Here’s one of almost endless examples of sockpuppet MFA supporting comments, each one repeating the paid for mantras. Each account has one or two comments, all supporting the MFA, and nothing else.

    If the Marketplace Fairness Act is so good, why under the table, fake comments? Why no commenting on YouTube videos?


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