Hypocritical Stand with Main Street Small Biz Examples

There seems to be some serious cognitive dissonance with the small businesses trotted out lately by Stand with Main Street and 21st Century Retail – the main power PR companies behind Pro-MFA forces.

Many to MOST of the small businesses they trot out lately have an online retail store as well and DO NOT CHARGE TAX outside of their home state.

A recent hill.com PR piece (I mean commentary, probably written or mostly written by someone else) signed by 4 store owners.  3 of them have online stores and don’t charge tax outside their state.

The most recent Stand with Main St. Vine Tweet – They sell online too.

Do they not get how hypocritical this is?  Are their online presences small enough to be under the minimum (and exempt from the MFA)?  Probably.

Complaints that there is not a level playing field, while doing the same thing.  Looks level to me.  And for those who don’t have a small online store… why not?  Nothing stopping you for most retail industries.






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