Laffer Lies and Stand with Main Street – More Infographics

More fake infographics by Stand with Main Street

Now, they have all of their nonsense infographics on one facebook page.   You might as well substitute jobs with unicorns.

As I’ve covered, since the paper-thin hypothesis in Laffer’s paper requires an equal income tax cut to reap these extremely unlikely and theoretical job gains.  Nothing in the MFA does this and only a couple states have indicated a willingness to do this.

So for the vast majority of the states, the converse will occur by Laffer’s own beliefs.  Job losses and economic harm.  And Laffer’s big-business-purchased report didn’t have any references or computation for any financial harm felt by manufacturers, distributors and other wholesalers with the Marketplace Fairness Act.

But it’s even funnier that they have a California infographic.  If you think California will:

  • Join the streamlined states tax group  AND
  • Cut income taxes

I have a bullet train to sell you.  Cheap.


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