More Astroturf – Stand with Main Street = DDC Advocacy

OK, this astroturf (fake grass-roots) isn’t award-winning like the Finn Partners work, but it sure is snazzy.  Like the Finn Partners sites, it’s full of misrepresentations and the kind of graphics that only the funding from big-box retail can provide.  Lots of homey graphics, gauzy shots of “Main Street”, the type of Main Street you see on the back lot of a studio.  Ditto for the pictures of the various stock photos/paid actors/employees they show.

DDC Advocacy is a large and successful purveyor of astroturf.  There’s no doubt it’s a slick presentation.  A nice looking website, Facebook page, twitter feed with happy young employees spewing out misinformation and falsehoods regarding the legislation.

Right from their playbook, I must applaud their graphics.  DDC’s blog just posted how effective graphics are on a facebook page.  Here’s the post.    A selection: “According to Facebook, photo albums, pictures, and videos get 180%, 120%, and 100% more engagement, respectively, than other pieces of content.”

Sourcewatch has a lot of comments on them, primarily regarding their prolific astroturf output.

There’s an older blog post with a lot more details about them, still available on

Democracy Data & Communications specialize in creating, promoting and maintaining “grassroots” campaigns and running PACs for their clients. They’ll do everything from program branding to developing your web presence to manning your call centers. Do you need a letter writing campaign about an upcoming bill to start tomorrow? “DDC’s high-quality, quick turnaround creative services are an invaluable addition to any public affairs program. Our creative team can help you develop a complete array of public affairs communications”

This “stealth lobbying firm” definitely will be getting some future follow-up down the road, just no time to do it now.  But I am pleased to have pinned down the group behind this powerful group (the same one who helped fund the Laffer study they’re flogging, if I remember correctly).


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