Myth: Declining Sales Tax Revenue – Part 2

Even more recent projections by the National Council of State Legislatures show increasing sales tax revenue projections for 2013 vs. 2012.

  • 45 States collect Sales Tax
  • 43 of them reported to NCSL for this report
  • 41 projected increases in 2013 sales tax revenue
  • 2 states projected a small decline in sales tax revenue

Most states (35) were in the 1.1% to 5% growth range.  6 States were in the >5% growth range.

3 states were considered “flat”, in the range of -1% to 1% growth.  Only West Virginia expects a drop of more than 1% (2% projected).

Yet another stake in the heart of the argument that online sales that don’t collect tax is somehow killing sales/use tax collection.  Part of the reason is certainly that a large part of Internet retail is done with large chains that already have a presence in most states, so tax is already being collected.

NCSL Report Link


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