Myth of Declining Sales/Use Tax Revenue – Wisconsin Edition

Had a lovely talk with a Wisconsin employee and Streamlined States Governing Board executive.  I enjoyed our talk regarding our views on the MFA and even worse RTPA, but he did bring up a couple of chestnuts that I’ve covered before in the blog, such as the myth of declining revenue.  So in honor of our chat, here’s the Wisconsin edition.   All data is from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  Full year data is for retail trade (retail sales).

2010: $1,855,219,269

2011: $1,904,651,681  2.7% increase

2012: $1,966,171,658  3.2% increase

2013: $2,062,166,196  4.9% increase

2014: $2,164,206,817  4.9% increase

Hardly declining.  States make it sound like sales tax collection is plummeting due to the rise of online retail.

And the outlook for this year?

General sales and use tax collection is up 5.7% over the same period last year.

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