Not all supported? Are any?

From an article in Ecommerce Bytes titled “Merchants Would Face Hefty Costs with Online Sales Tax Bill”.

Yet another cheerleading quote that is certainly misleading at best.

“We admit that not all order management systems have pre-integrated with TaxCloud (yet), but that tide is shifting rapidly”

What order processors do they support?  None that I am familiar with, at least according to their partner page.  None of the order processors that I’m aware of are on their list.  And that’s where most of the nitty-gritty work of charging, refunding, partial shipping and more occurs and that’s where support is key.  The shopping cart is only the tip of the iceberg, but not the most important part for many.  I’m not sure what Tax Cloud’s CEO is referring to as an order management system, but it’s meant to imply quite a bit of existing support.  Where?

“”Our view is that sales tax compliance is approaching a “tipping-point” where it will become a standard feature – soon all order management systems will have sales tax management already on-board just to remain competitive.””

My view is that they want MFA to pass, so all the software companies will be forced to scramble to integrate with Taxcloud and/or others at the barrel of a gun and with a deadline.

October 14th 2013: 44 partners listed.  Almost 1/2 are listed as “coming soon”.  Not sure which of them I would call an order processor.  Maybe Salesforce?



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