Pro-MFA Lies – Updated

To recap: Laffer’s report bought and paid for by pro-MFA supporters predicted small benefits if MFA’s new tax was passed and the states reduced taxes by the same amount.  His theory is it’s a better tax.  Paper-thin at best and any small gain spread out over 10 years looks impressive.

But Laffer required tax cuts for any benefits, else the opposite would occur with a tax increase.  Only 2 states expressed interest in actually doing this.  So 44 states would see a decrease in jobs according to Laffer’s own theories.

But it doesn’t actually matter if you believe Laffer’s report or not, because Stand with Main Street is just flat out lying about it now.  No more nuance in very fine print (if states use the revenue wisely).

“Did you know that #CA would see 180,000 new jobs if the Marketplace Fairness Act is passed? Check out how” – a tweet today from SWMS.

Not could.  Not might.  Would.  Even Laffer would call BS on this one.

CA isn’t even likely to join streamlined if MFA passed.

CA will absolutely not cut taxes to offset any new revenue if it did.  (Think bullet train to nowhere)

It just struck a nerve.  It seems that most (not all) of the pro-MFA people would say or do anything to have it be passed.  Either they’re paid to do so (as most of the Astroturf PR companies are) or stand to profit significantly from passage of the legislation.  Whether it be partial truths, flat-out-lies, or utterly false presentations on the state of technology.. I’m sick of the lying.

I’ve danced around using the “L” word, but the music has stopped.  Time to stop dancing.


A Stand with Main Street Facebook status update from 11/12:  “Did you know? The Marketplace Fairness Act would expand Main Street businesses and create 1.5 million new jobs by 2022. That’s why supporting e-fairness legislation is so important to getting our economy moving forward again.”

Yes, MFA is suddenly a magical jobs program.  And a dessert topping.  And a floor wax.

Stand with Main Street is paid to do whatever it takes to  pass the Marketplace Fairness Act for the big box retailer who sign their checks.   Whatever it takes clearly includes lying.

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