Revolving Door From Government – Part 2

A 2015 update for some new finds today regarding a new possible CSP – Taxometry.

I guess it’s not a total surprise when people switch from the private sector to the public side… but boy it seems to be a revolving door.  Reading the who’s who in the Streamlined Sales Tax papers, I occasionally forget if I read about them as a state employee, or as a private employee working with the states.  It seems to be a pretty cozy group.

Frankly, I find it pretty questionable “interesting” when the former Legislative Director for Congressman Jason Chaffetz (UT) for 6 years jumps ship to a new company in the process of being a new Certified Solution Provider (CSP) for the states should the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) or similar bill pass.

Mike Jerman:

Legislative Director for Congressman Jason Chaffetz 2009-2015
As of May 2015, Sales and Marketing for Taxometry

Congressman Chaffetz is one of the proponents who is supposed to reintroduce a slightly tweaked version of the failed MFA again this year.  I have no doubt that the new bill will be MFA at it’s core and that any “fixes” are merely cosmetic and won’t actually address the problems with the MFA’s impact on small online retailers that I’ve thoroughly covered here.

Also at this new CSP is Bruce Johnson.

“Bruce Johnson is a past chair of the Multistate Tax Commission, where he currently serves on its Executive Committee. He was the founding national co-chair of the Streamlined Sales Tax Implementing States and has served on the Executive Committee of the Governing Board. He was a member of former Governor Olene Walker’s Tax Advisory Group and was the principal draftsman of Governor Walker’s Recommendations on a Tax Structure for Utah’s Future.”



  1. Susan Lindsey says

    Big government needs to keep it’s big hands off of the Internet in all respects. Any taxation, regulation, control will grow big government. We need less big government, not more. We need to preserve our liberties and foster greater competition that supports smaller business. Instead, big government wants to be fed by the giant retailers and monopolies and crush smaller business, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit that is the backbone of this country.


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