Revolving Door from State Government?

I guess it’s not a total surprise when people switch from the private sector to the public side… but boy it seems to be a revolving door.  Reading the who’s who in the Streamlined Sales Tax papers, I occasionally forget if I read about them as a state employee, or as a private employee working with the states.  Nothing automatically wrong about it, but it seems to be a pretty cozy group.  A few examples I’m aware of:

Scott Peterson

Was:  Executive Director of the Streamline Sales Tax Governing Board  & was director of the Business Tax division for the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation.

Now: Director of Government Affairs, Avalara.

Joan Wagnon

Was: President of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board (See what I mean?), Secretary of Revenue for the State of Kansas.

Now: Executive Vice President, Fedtax

Russ Brubaker

Was: President of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board (A Trifecta!)

Now: Vice President, Government Affairs, Fedtax

Gary Centilivre

Was: Chair of the Streamlined Sales Tax Certification Committee from 2006 to 2013.  “The Certification Committee advises the Governing Board on matters pertaining to the evaluation, testing, certification and recertification of service providers and automated systems” – like Fedtax?  Also a state tax official at the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Now: Vice President, Midwest Operations and Outreach, Fedtax

Charles Collins

Was: Streamlined Sales Tax Project Co-Chair

Now: VP of Government Affairs, Taxware

If the Marketplace Fairness Act passes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more jump ship for the new gold rush.


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