SSUTA Executives – Spending too much on lobbying, need to raise states’ dues 25%

The Streamlined Sales Tax group’s publicly listed files are a pretty interesting look at what their mission is.

First appears to be lobbying.  $180,000 for lobbying per year.  In fact, they’re spending so much (as many states do as well), they’re running low on money.  So what do they do?  Hike the states’ membership fees to help with the shortfall.

“Mr. Dobson said the Governing Board’s ending balance was $1,000,000 at the end of FY2008
and it will be $150,000 at the end of FY2014. He said the balance has gone down with time and
there has been no increase in dues. President Brubaker said that having lobbyist costs money
and the Executive Committee needed to decide if it wants to continue that expenses.
Mr. Dobson said there has been no dues increase in several years. He said there have even been
times when new member states came in and the total amount collected remained constant. He
said the Finance Committee felt a 25% increase across the board is reasonable and is not a huge
increase for any one state.” – From their Executive committee meeting, September 2012.

Sure, a 25% in a fee seems reasonable to most people 🙂   But many in the organization are from state government.

I’m biased of course, but would recommend cutting back on your lobbying expense.

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