Sten Part 2 – The Sweet Irony

The bot-like dedication of Sten continues.  His unswerving devotion to the MFA and Taxcloud continues and yes, he continues to post demonstrable false lies about the issue and quickly runs away or changes the subject when confronted.  But this new twist is hysterical.

Sten’s site no longer sells their wool products at all on their site.  Now they have an Etsy site for all of their online selling (as tiny as it may be).

  • Taxcloud doesn’t support Etsy carts (welcome to our world Sten)
  • He doesn’t collect sales tax for streamlined states anymore
  • Still doesn’t collect for other states, despite his fervor that we all should for all states
  • His sales tax policy statement on his site isn’t followed anymore.



  1. I SEE IN THEIR ABOUT US PAGE THAT IT NOT ABOUT HIS SHEEP FARM ONLY ABOUT sales tax policy he also has what looks like a payed click through link to Fed Tax.

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