Taxcloud: “People also used to say that the world was flat – but that did not make it true.”

I’ve taken Taxcloud to task for downplaying any actual issues in their rosy propaganda pieces to states, Congress, or anyone who they need to convince that a LOT more people should be collecting sales tax.  Frankly, misleading would be charitable in my opinion.

The worst instance was in 2010 when they only supported 6 shopping carts while proclaiming everything was solved with software and the small business exemption of the Marketplace Fairness Act should be dropped to $100,000, or even none at all.  Covered in this post titled Taxcloud 2010 statements vs. capabilities.

But this statement in a letter to the Governor of Maine contains a demonstrably false claim. (Italics and underlining mine)

Any retailer that uses an online “shopping cart” or order management system can register with our
service and be ready to collect sales tax in 20 minutes (or less), no matter how small they are.”

And this is completely false.  He’s commented on this blog about the fact that Taxcloud doesn’t support a number of popular shopping carts.  As of this writing, Taxcloud doesn’t support our cart.  They don’t support our order management system (which is even more important than the cart).  They don’t support Amazon orders.  Any retailer apparently doesn’t include me.  Or many others.   According to, the top-ten shopping carts for the top 100k or top million sites are:

  • Magento
  • Yahoo Store
  • Volusion
  • Miva Merchant – Plug in available now, but didn’t appear to be at time of letter
  • osCommerce – Supported
  • BigCommerce
  • VirtueMart
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento Enterprise
  • ATG Commerce

So at the time of this letter, ONE of these top 10 shopping carts were supported.

What’s so galling about the pronouncements and the quote of this blog entry from a a pro-MFA powerpoint presentation for elected officials  covered in another post is that it’s a pattern.  Until the Senate passed the MFA, I was fairly unaware and certainly not involved.  I’ve been immersed in the MFA ever since,  so I only now go back and see the misleading and in this case a false claim to help sell the MFA.

Saying it certainly does not make it true.


  1. In an email dated early August, their support told me, “The Magento integration will be available October 1.”

    In the mean time I built my own integration, but that is certainly not something a typical store owner is capable of.


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  2. […] Taxcloud: “People also used to say that the world was flat – but that did not make it true.” […]

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